Our story

Ecorys Europe was established in 2018, to bring together the strengths of the European offices of Ecorys. Ecorys Europe offers the combined skills and expertise of almost 500 members of staff, creating a highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team with international experience in public, private and civil society organisations. Our multilingual team is already made up of 33 different nationalities, speaking 26 languages. We strongly believe that societies thrive through diversity, and we live by this principle.

Headquartered in Brussels, members of Ecorys Europe are our offices in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the UK.



The directors of Ecorys Europe are Roelof Jan Molemaker and Aydin Ozgul. 

Roelof Jan Molemaker
Managing Director 
Roelof Jan Molemaker is the Managing Director of Ecorys Brussels and the Global Market Director for EU Institutions at Ecorys. He is a key policy advisor to international political, policy and financing institutions such as the World Bank and the European Commission. His expertise covers EU policy and sector studies, ranging from institutional and organisational issues to financing and infrastructure investments. Having worked with a large number of DGs, including DG GROW, DG ENV, DG HOME, DG MARE, DG MOVE, DG CNECT and DG REGIO, he has a broad thematic coverage. He is a highly experienced project manager in large complex multidisciplinary projects. Over the last 20 years he has worked in a large number of countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Roelof Jan is graduated in Human Geography. He is a Dutch native speaker fluent in English and with good knowledge of Spanish and German.




Aydin Ozgul
Managing Director, Programme Management and Communications
Aydin Ozgul is the Managing Director of Ecorys Regional Offices (Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Spain and Turkey) and Director for programme management and communications at Ecorys UK. He leads the Ecorys’ global practice in public policy communications and his portfolio spans across a diverse range of policy areas including education and training; employment and social affairs; families and young people; European integration and external affairs; justice; civil society; innovation, research and technology; health; culture and sport.