Our company

Our vision:
Be a leading global research and consultancy company, addressing society’s key challenges.

Our mission:
With world-class research-based consultancy, we help public and private clients make and implement informed decisions leading to positive impact on society.

Ecorys is an international consulting and policy research firm that dates back to 1929. The company has a rich history and has been headed for more than 30 years by Nobel Prize laureate in Economics Professor Jan Tinbergen. The name Ecorys was introduced after the merge of two companies, NEI/Kolpron in the Netherlands and Ecotec in the United Kingdom. Devoted since the beginning to help public and private organisations meet their challenges, Ecorys is enriched today with the work of more than 550 consultants and experts in 10 different branches of Ecorys around the world.

It is our blend of professional and academic expertise, together with the high quality of our research and analysis methodology, that makes us unique and independent. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and impartiality which altogether represents an important part of our Code of Ethics and is fully integrated in all our projects.