Our communications expertise is backed by our public policy knowledge. We understand the content our clients want to communicate and the target groups they want to reach. With an international team of dedicated communications experts, we develop and deliver bespoke services to meet any communication needs – no matter how complicated the subject matter is. For years, organisations such as the European Commission and the UK Government have relied on our services, including:

Campaigns and public diplomacy initiatives

We deliver integrated campaigns for clients who want to inform, persuade, or motivate people to make a change. Our offer encompasses the full process, from strategy and branding, to the planning, execution and evaluation of targeted communications activities.


Our inclusive events service spans concept development, planning, logistics, delivery and evaluation. Recent international and national projects include such diverse events as seminars, conferences, study tours, concerts, award ceremonies and televised debates.

Graphics, publications and visibility materials

We work with clients to identify, design and deliver online and offline visibility materials – including brochures, infographics, promotional items and displays. Our projects typically involve graphic design, copywriting, editing and proofreading. We can assign journalists and subject specialists as required, and we offer an internationally accredited translation service.

Websites and social media

Our online services encompass website design, development and management, e-publications and presentations, copywriting and social media. We recognise the power of online media to reach a global audience and always ensure we can offer our clients the latest digital services.

Communications strategies and evaluation

We design and implement comprehensive communications strategies, while also monitoring and evaluating their progress. By setting carefully defined targets, we are able to analyse the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns and ensure that effective methods are identified and intensified.

Audiovisual materials

Video is an increasingly central priority for our public policy communications clients. Our services cover the whole production process (concept development, storyboarding, production, promotion and distribution) and we also offer specialist expertise in multilingual productions. Our recent projects have included animations, documentaries and live-action campaign spots.