Policy & Research

Ecorys has been assisting European and international institutions, governments, and organisations for decades. We support them to foster better legislation and more sustainable and innovative growth as well as to stimulate and plan economic development. Everyday, we honour our motto ‘Sound analysis, inspiring ideas’ by delivering state-of-the-art consulting services. In spite of the pass of time, our aim and spirit have remained the same: to provide public leaders and policy makers with rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis in an independent way, so that we empower them to make informed decisions.

Our services include:

Evaluations & Impact Assessments

Public policy-making requires constant evaluation and assessment that enable policy-makers to react quickly and foresee the adoption of corrective measures, if necessary. The design and execution of sound and effective long-term monitoring approaches completes Ecorys ex ante, interim and ex post evaluations that, together with our Regulatory Impact Assessments, EU Impact Assessments, REFIT, Cumulative Cost Assessments and Cost Benefit analysis, represent Ecorys key areas of competences.  

Policy research and advice

Ecorys devotes important efforts to support the work of European and international institutions and organisations when designing public policies. With a remarkable record of projects implemented in over 100 countries, we can ensure professional reach and excellent methodology to carry out feasibility studies, competitiveness assessment, sector analysis, scenario analysis, and market and firm performance analysis. Likewise, we study how to channel capital towards the real economy, how to build strategies and shape policies, and how to develop economic modelling.

Stakeholder engagement

Public dialogue and consultation is at the core of any public policy that aims at achieving real constructive and sustainable change. To involve appropriate stakeholders, Ecorys has specialized in stakeholder identification, consultation and management. We aggregate and translate stakeholders´ opinions to maximize the chances of success and enrich the overall result of the projects.  Additionally, we promote the policy, academia and industry network and work closely with the events team in the organisation of focus groups and workshops.