Programme Management

We have a long-standing reputation for delivery of multi-million pound programmes for government departments and third sector bodies. We provide a comprehensive package of services or individual components as required. Our programme management experts offer cost-effective and practical solutions based on knowing what works and how we can meet your specific needs. Evaluation of our work indicates that we have supported programmes in achieve their strategic priorities. Our services include:

Programme start-up
We develop all the systems required, prepare programme operational frameworks and organise programme launch activities. 

Establishing funding priorities
Our offer includes all key activities to get a programme off to a successful start, including: creating investment plans, preparing application processes, partnership brokerage and bid writing workshops.

Project appraisals
We have a very thorough and objective process for assessing applications and investment options. We work across different policy and funding priorities ensuring training for assessors is included in our package, as well as additional expertise from our policy consultants and specialist associates.

Helpdesk support, training and capacity building
We have a variety of support systems and capacity building packages for project managers to improve deliverability of projects and improve project management skills. Diagnostics and tailored support packages are delivered by our selves and our third sector partners.

From European Social Fund through to small voluntary sector monitoring projects, we can adapt our assurance visits and risk assessments accordingly for size and complexity of the project.

Interim support
We can help with plugging gaps in staffing and meeting specific looming deadlines.

Communications and publicity
Our specialist Communications and Digital team develop communication plans, disseminate outcomes and help you engage stakeholders and funders.

Programme reporting
We offer a full administration, management and accounting system. Our research teams can assess impact and evaluate effectiveness of funding.