Small & Medium Enterprise

SMEs are largely distributed among the EU territory, accounting for 99.85% of all enterprises in the non-financial sector in the European Union in 2014. More importantly, SMEs have overwhelmingly been the responsible actors for job-creation in recent times (71.4% of the increase in employment in 2014 in the non-financial business sector). Such power together with a high capacity to nurture the economic and social network have made of SMEs a pillar of society as a whole. Moreover, SMEs represent crucial resources to become an innovative society. In that sense, Ecorys provides support to design policies for SMEs: improvement of performance, assistance for creation, financial resources, social inclusion, etc.

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Bankruptcy and Second Chance for Honest Entrepreneurs
  • Improving the market performance of business information services regarding listed SMEs & SME IPOs
  • Rating of Microfinance institutions and effect of credit on the real economy
  • An SME Guide to Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sector
  • An economic analysis of the impact of some online intermediaries on the distribution of copyright protected content
  • Support for the preparation of the impact assessment accompanying the review of the regulatory framework for e-communications