Publishing Erasmus+ higher education opportunities


DG Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission

Inspired by our work on publications for the new Erasmus+ programme, DG EAC commissioned Ecorys to produce a similar publication specifically targeting higher education.

We worked within the previously established visual identity for Erasmus+ and produced a publication with a modern, attractive design. The text was provided by DG EAC and we used our experience with the programme to edit it effectively.

As well as a printed version, we produced a PDF featuring interactive elements that move and expand when clicked on. Such a digital publication allows readers to become actively involved, potentially helping them to absorb the information more easily.

Both the digital and printed versions were translated into French and German to allow for greater distribution across Europe.

Our work on this brochure has helped to highlight the mobility and funding opportunities available in Erasmus+, which in turn is helping to boost skills and employability within Europe.