Animating the benefits of Creative Europe and Erasmus+


DG Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission

To promote the EU’s new education and culture programmes for 2014-2020, Creative Europe and Erasmus+, an Ecorys-led consortium produced three animated videos.

Ecorys oversaw the project, writing the script for the storyboards and coordinating the translations, while our consortium partner (the BBC Studios and Post Production) were responsible for creating the animations, recording the voiceovers and finalising the videos.

We focused on presenting the new programmes in an engaging and comprehensive way, taking viewers on a visual journey and showcasing the mobility and funding opportunities on offer for students and staff (Erasmus+) and cultural and creative professionals (Creative Europe).

The videos were translated into 28 EU languages, before being uploaded to the respective Creative Europe/Erasmus+ websites, and the European Commission’s YouTube channel.

Producing the videos in multiple languages means that they are accessible across Europe, helping to bring the opportunities of Creative Europe and Erasmus+ to a wider audience.