Highlighting the child abduction and child custody rights and obligations of international couples


DG Justice, European Commission

As part of a 2014 project for DG Justice, an Ecorys-led consortium was asked to produce two videos on the rights and obligations of international couples in relation to cross-border parental child abduction and child custody.

We recognised the potentially sensitive nature of these subjects and focused on approaching them in an informative and sympathetic way. To this end, we chose an animated style for child custody and a realistic style for child abduction.

The animated style allowed us to give an engaging and non-threatening overview of child custody rules and rights, while the realistic style gave us the chance to subvert the dangers of parental child abduction through a narrative twist.

With the videos having been translated into 24 EU languages and uploaded to YouTube, they are accessible across the world and we believe they will help more separating international couples put the needs of their children first.