Support for the Implementation of the European Commission's Communication Strategy for Enlargement in Croatia


Delegation of the European Union to Croatia

The EU Information and Communication Programme facilitated Croatia's accession to the EU by fostering an increased level of public and political support to the EU, and explaining the implications of accession to Croatian citizens.

From April 2010 to October 2013, Ecorys assisted the Delegation of the European Union to Croatia and the Croatian government in this process by developing and implementing EU-related information and communication activities. This included running the EU Information Centre in Zagreb, a focal point of EU-related information in Croatia. A key part of the programme was implementing an integrated pre-referendum EU communication campaign, including organisation of TV spots, radio quizzes, pre-referendum web-section and on-line EU quiz, along with the production of publications.

The campaign effectively utilised media partnerships and focused on the impact of EU accession on daily lives of citizens. It successfully raised public awareness of accession and contributed towards a ‘Yes’ vote in January 2012.

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