ESF support to Lifelong Learning


European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities

If the EU is to achieve the ambitious goals set in the Europe 2020 Strategy – most notably the target of 75% of people aged 20-64 years in employment – then ESF must be put at the service of the priorities set out in EU2020.  A key aspect in meeting these goals thus involves the effective and efficient use of ESF as an instrument to facilitate lifelong learning activities. With this in mind, the evaluation of ESF support to lifelong learning looked specifically at the efficiency and effective criteria.

In addition the study needed to identify the key conditions and criteria, or 'success factors', which determine how ESF can best be used to deliver lifelong learning related support to people.  This aspect aimed to inform the clear forward-looking focus of the evaluation around improving the future use of ESF.

The evaluation focused on lifelong learning activities funded by the ESF, and which seek to contribute to the sustainable integration of three specified target groups – young people (14-25 years), low skilled workers and older workers (+55 years) – into the labour market. 

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