Mid-term evaluation PROGRESS programme


European Union

EU - Mid-term evaluation of the Community Programme for employment and social solidarity - PROGRESS

The PROGRESS programme provides financial support to the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the fields of employment and social affairs (employment, social inclusion and social protection, working conditions, the fight against discrimination and gender equality). PROGRESS is implemented through a results-focused management approach. This approach emphasises the achievement of tangible and measurable outcomes, rather than on processes for example, and therewith also on the outcomes of public expenditure so as to optimize accountability. Monitoring and evaluation are at the centre stage of this process in order to ensure that management and budgeting is linked to results.

Ecorys has been entrusted with carrying out the Mid-Term Evaluation of the PROGRESS programme. The Service is provided under the Multiple Framework Contract between the consortium coordinated by Ecorys UK and DG EMPL – Lot 1. The objective of the Mid-term Evaluation is to provide an overview of the PROGRESS programme as a whole in order to measure the progress made in meeting its objectives, the efficiency of the use of resources and its European added value. Thus, specific questions the evaluation will need to address are: is PROGRESS making a difference? Is PROGRESS really implementing the right activities to bring about the desired outcomes? What could be done better? To answer the evaluation questions, several research methods are employed (desk research, interviews to key stakeholders, surveys and online consultations, focus groups). The lessons, conclusions and recommendations are used to improve the ongoing implementation of PROGRESS until 2013 and to assist in preparing and designing the approach for the post-2013 programming period.

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