Interim evaluation of IPA assistance


European Commission

Interim evaluations and meta-evaluation of IPA assistance Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo

Evaluation of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the IPA assistance in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, including Multi-Beneficiary Programmes under IPA. The objectives of the evaluation are:  to improve the performance of EU assistance under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) by providing judgment, lessons learned, and recommendations to the EC on performance of IPA assistance in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, including Multi-Beneficairy Programmes under IPA.  analysing and consolidating findings, conclusions and recommendations from different evaluations from different evaluations on IPA-assistance  building capacity amongst national administrators Activities: Designing a detailed evaluation methodology focusing on both project evaluation (ca 75 projects) and sector evaluation (how did IPA contribute to the development of the sector), followed by Country Programme Interim Evaluations for Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Multi-Beneficiary Programmes evaluations. In each country there are kick off meetings, data collection, interviews and analysis, reporting. Furthermore a Meta evaluation is made by reviewing existing evaluation reports (also from Croatia), analysis and reporting. Furthermore, training was offered to national stakeholders on monitoring and evaluation.

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