EU Freight transport modernization


European Commission

Move-IT - Cost-effective modernization of the inland fleet for freight transport

The liberalisation of the European continental transport markets has sharpened the competition within the inland waterway transport sector. Besides an increase in competition the sector will also face a cost increase, partially due to increased fuel / oil prices. In order to cope with the said competition and cost increases, inland waterway transport companies have to continuously develop and improve their efficiency. To improve inland waterway transport for the standards of tomorrow, the existing fleet needs to be modernized, however there is insufficient knowledge of how this can be done effectively.

This study concerns the potential of improving and modernizing the existing inland vessel fleet. Research topics concerned are: hydrodynamic improvements, energy efficient ship operations, power improvements, structural changes and implementing new scales and services. Final result of this study is a range of practical solutions that is technically proven and economically / commercially viable.

Ecorys is responsible for the economic evaluation of the developed technical concepts and new business concepts. By using a business case approach each ship design and the impact on the daily operations of shipping companies are evaluated.

For more information please contact Johan Gille or Linette de Swart.