Competitiveness EU toy sector


European Commission (DG ENTR)

Status: on-going
Year: 2013
Sector study on the competitiveness of the European toy industry
Toys and games are vital tools for child development. Over 100,000 people are currently directly employed in the toy sector in the EU. The European Commission (DG ENTR) has asked the ECSIP Consortium to update and analyse data of the toy sector in the EU, in order to get a clear picture of the sector’s performance and capabilities. Ecorys is the lead partner in this consortium.

The toy sector is an interesting case study for understanding EU competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. It deals with many developments that are topical for other sectors as well, such as international integration, diversification and product regulation. Against this background, the consortium will study the performance and likely future scenarios of the sector. The study aims to provide evidence-based policy recommendations, for the production as well as retail segments.

Competitiveness has received a lot of attention from policymakers, firms and academics. Ecorys is at the heart of the developments in this field and has developed several methodologies that yield robust analyses on the topic. The ECSIP Consortium has been created for the Framework Contract on Industrial Competitiveness and Market Performance. Ecorys’ partners in this consortium are Cambridge Econometrics, CASE, CSIL, Danish Technological Institute, Decision, ECIS, Euromonitor, Fratini Vergano, Frost & Sullivan, IDEA Consult, IFO Institute, MCI, and wiiw, together with a group of 28 highly skilled and specialised individuals.

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