Ecorys organises the major event of the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis

Ecorys is currently running the project “Information and communication campaign highlighting the EU Regional Trust Fund's response to the Syrian Crisis” for DG NEAR, under the Communication Framework Contract with DG DEVCO.


The aim of the project is to give a warm, human voice to the projects funded and implemented by the EU Regional Trust Fund (EUTF) in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and Internally Displaced People in Iraq are supported by the EUTF in bridging humanitarian and development needs in different sectors, from primary education to health to WASH.

On June 19, 2018 Ecorys organised a double event in Flagey (Brussels) to promote to both development specialists and the wider public the EUTF’s activities. An afternoon session dedicated to specialists comings from NGOs, institutions and media kicked off the event. Two Ted-style talks, Syrian beneficiaries, EUTF members and experts from NGO implementing the EUTF projects discussed successes and challenges in delivering assistance in education, protection, economy and social stability to host communities and refugees. A second panel followed, specifically addressed the topic of beneficiaries’ inclusion in running the projects on the field. The closing remarks from DG NEAR General Director Christian Danielsson and from MEP Marietje Schaake highlighted the conclusions of the session.

In the evening Ecorys organised a concert open to the public featuring Aeham Ahmad, Syrians got Talent and Nawaris, celebrating with music the diversity of the stories involved and the joint efforts of the EUTF, hosting countries and refugee communities to ensure a more solid future for everyone. The numerous public had the opportunity to enjoy a unique concert and to visit a photographic exhibition elaborated during the visits of the projects made by Johanna de Tessières. a marketplace for the projects’ implementing partners, an art installation by Thomas Israël, a “cinema section” with all the video testimonies collected on the field and an outdoor exhibition on Place Flagey completed the rich menu of the event.

For further information, please visit EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis.

To access the photo gallery of the afternoon event, please click here. To access the photo gallery of the evening event, please click here.